InFuse 51

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Who's that girl?  Who is that dazzling sight?  Why, it's none other than Paige Turner!  Come see the showbiz spitfire satiate your salacity for spirits, songs, and a spot of scandal!  ... Which is a fun way of saying that she sings, entertains, and once in a while, she'll bring a hunk on stage to captivate you while you down your libations!  So come by, grab a drink, and add a new word to your vocabulary: "Sluuuuuurp!"


No cover, 2 drink minimum

Every Sunday at 11pm

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We love the theater!  Every Monday check out our lounge for a new work of performance art - stand up comedy, songs, full theatrical productions or staged readings of new works.  Upcoming shows will be listed here so you know what to expect, but you'll always be in for a treat!


2 drink minimum, never a cover!


The show line up will be fresh starting in May, so look here for updates!

Arcade Wednesdays

College Mondays

Every Wednesday, gaymer Shane Cherry hooks up your favorite gaming consoles to create the only space for gaymers to meet, mingle, and destroy each other for bragging rights!  Featuring video games, board games, card games, and party games, this event is for anyone with a nerdy interest!  And if you're not gay, come and play anyway, but be warned -- the competition is fierce and the battles are endless!  Check it out for drink specials, prizes, tournaments, contests, and a monthly video game giveaway!


2 drink minimum, never a cover!

Every Wednesday starting May 7th at 7pm

Being a student is synonymous with being poor!  But we've got your back!  Show us your student ID and we'll show you cheap prices!  $3 beer, $4 infused shots, and infusion drinks starting at $5!  Add to that 50% select food items and we'll take care of you all night!  Just don't forget to drink some water; you have class in the morning!

Every Monday at 9pm

Missed Connections

There's a new show in town, and you helped make it happen!  With 'Missed Connections: An Exploration into the Online Postings of Desperate Romantics' you laught at the misery of others!  Posts from Craigslist's notorious Missed Connections section (bad grammar and all) are the inspiration for this twice-monthly comedy show featuring Jake Mckenna, Jennifer Anderson, Michael Lorz, Ricky Dunlop and special guests.


No cover, 2 drink minimum

1st and 3rd Monday every month, 10pm (Dates vary!)